Connect, Discover, Build.
mynfteam is the ultimate place to meet devs, artists, designers, marketing specialists, community mods, writers, social managers, and web3 enthusiasts to gain experience, learn together, discover web3 events, join a project, find your next gig, hack IRL, or become founders and bootstrap your own web3 startup, together.
Early users will be eligible for Pathfinder status and shall be rewarded with the Pathfinder NFT
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Connect with builders, creators, and web3 enthusiasts. Form teams, gain exposure, showcase your work.
Discover web3 projects, companies, brands, and communities.
Join web3 gigs and build together with upcoming projects and prominent brands.


Discuss projects, connect with your community, answer questions about your product.
List, discover, and join web3 events. Prove your attendance.
Travel the world, meet other builders and creators, hack IRL.
Collaboration Protocol
Interoperable mynfteam profiles. Employ your data across various dapps.
Display past experience, commendations, and reputation. Prove your skills with verified NFTs.
Verified IP Ownership
Secure your IP on chain. Transfer and exchange project/concept ownership.